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Myparasites dalszövegek Tartalom I bet you got it twisted you don't know who to trust So many playa hating niggaz tryin to sound like us Fogyás dalszövegek they ready for the funk, but I don't think they knowin Straight to the depths of hell is where those cowards goin Well are you still down nigga? So much trouble in the world, nigga Can't nobody feel your pain The world's changin everyday, times moving myparasites dalszövegek My girl said I need a raise, how myparasites dalszövegek will she last?

fogyás ödéma

I'm caught between my woman, and my pistol, and my chips Triple beam, got some smokers on, whistle as I dip I'm lost in the land with no plan, livin life flawless Crime boss, contraband, let me toss this Needy hookers got a lot of nerve, let my bucket swerve I'm takin off from the curb Myparasites dalszövegek myparasites dalszövegek neglect make me pack a tec Fogyás dalszövegek to servin this, Moet and myparasites dalszövegek Like Akai satellite nigga I'm forever ballin It ain't right parasites triggers and fleas crawlin Sucker duck and get busted, no emotion My devotion is handlin my business nigga keep on coastin Where you goin I been fergek kezelese came back as lonely homie Steady flowin against the grain niggaz STILL don't know me It's about the money in this rap shit, this crap shit It ain't funny niggaz don't even know how to act - shit!

What can I do, what can I say, is there another way?

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Blunts and gin all day, twenty-fo' parlay My little homie G, can't you see, I'm busta free Niggaz can't stand me - all eyes on me! Come on let's picture the possibility Givin me charges, lawyers makin a grip I told the judge I was myparasites dalszövegek wrong, and that's why I blaze shit Was hyper as a kid, cold as a teenager On my mobile callin big shots on the scene major Packing hundreds in my drawers; fuck the law Bitches I fuck with a passion, I'm livin rough and raw Fogyás dalszövegek cases at a fast rate, ballin in the fast lane Hustle til the mornin, never stopped until the cash fogyás dalszövegek.

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